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After all, that’s what life should be about! Our founder Priscilla believes everyone has a right to look and feel good and to be confident about who they are on the inside as well as the outside! 

xPriscilla provides a carefully curated collection of on-trend, high-quality products that have been designed with inclusivity, confidence and women empowerment in mind. Treat yourself or a loved one to some of our stunning products aimed to make you feel and look good!

Priscilla Nassif, founder of xPriscilla, has always been passionate about a balanced, positive outlook towards beauty and self-care, and the belief that beauty is more than skin deep.

She noticed how social media was becoming increasingly judgemental and pitting people against each other in a negative light that left others feeling like they were not enough. She knew she wanted to see change and create a business that is focused on lifting each other up and celebrating our differences and uniqueness!

It can be hard to feel confident in this day and age, but everyone deserves to look and feel great in their own skin and practice self-care – be that lighting a candle and taking a bath, getting glammed up and feeling yourself, going for a walk or whatever makes you feel the best!

Founded with the goal of helping people feel more confident and beautiful in their own skin (be that through feel-good products or positive words of affirmation from our own Instagram), we hope we help brighten your day and make you feel the best you can.

We are constantly adding new products to our online store hoping that there is something for everyone to enjoy. Some of our current products include femme body candles (flaunt what your mama gave you!), high quality, long wearing vegan lashes, fitness water bottles, claw clips and much more to come!

The entire premise of every product we offer is based around the importance of not just looking good, but feeling great – and that beauty on the outside should reflect what’s on the inside too.

Although true beauty comes from within, there’s nothing wrong with something as simple as a candle or beautiful pair of lashes helping you feel empowered and ready to take on the day!

We know social media can sometimes make you feel more self-conscious or judged and we aren’t about that life! The xPriscilla Instagram is committed to sharing and reflecting deeper core values that help inspire self-belief and offer positive mantras for anyone who needs a little reminder about how amazing they are.

We love you, we hope you love our brand! 

Priscilla and the team x

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